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Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems are complex systems that provide situational awareness about operational environment to support real-time decision making by the commanders or executive officers. The C4I systems help the decision makers in controlling valuable resources of large organizations such as military, petroleum industry, law enforcement agencies and others.
Despite the strategic importance of C4I systems, and the nature of the classified data they deal with, at present, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia heavily depends on foreign C4I solutions. Such solutions are often expensive to procure, difficult to manage, and hard to customize in order to fulfill local needs. Therefore, it is of the highest importance that such multifaceted C4I systems should be developed within the Kingdom to meet the local requirements and demands of different military/non-military organizations.
The C4I Center for Advance Systems (C4ICAS) at KSU conducts research and development on the challenging aspects of C4I Systems, such as customizing enterprise architectural framework, decision support tool, modeling and simulation. It looks to provide customization and localization solutions to complex C4I systems and help the local industry to develop their own C4I capabilities. The center provides C4I-related training to researchers and students of King Saud University in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and to other third parties, whether governmental or commercial. Finally, the C4ICAS focuses on to contribute in the transfer of technology for achieving the vision of the Kingdom to attain the knowledge-based economy